The whole production process of Marabut tents takes place in Poland. The tents are manufactured in Rybna near Krakow. Our team of professionals participates and supervises the production and their long-term experience guarantees the best quality of our products.

Designing and preparing a prototype

Ideas for new tents are developed by company’s employees and tent testers. When we feel that "something is missing” in our collection, we organise brainstorming sessions to focus on creative solutions and to shape our ideas. Then, after defining roughly what we want to achieve with a new tent, we design and prepare its prototype

This version of a tent is very far from the final product, as it only generally outlines the direction of our efforts.

Testing the prototype

When the prototype is ready, our ideas are verified by reality and it is quite important moment in the whole process. Our testers take prototypes outdoors and very often our testing ground is in the highest mountain in the world (the Himalayas or Karakorum). For us the most important thing is to test the tents during a long journey in the toughest conditions possible.
This is the only way to get the required feedback on things that have to be improved, added or removed. Basing on the test results we decide whether implement tested solutions and start series production.

Preparing templates and models


Taking into account test results, we introduce changes into the design. Then we prepare final sewing templates and models needed for cutting out sewing patterns.

They will be used as templates for future production series of a given version.

Cutting out sewing patterns


Using the templates, a fabric cutter cuts the sewing patterns of the flysheet, inner canopy and other elements of the tent.


Kroje są przekazywane do szwalni. Szwaczki zgodnie z projektem zszywają elementy tropiku, kabiny oraz pozostałych elementów namiotu.
Następnie podkleja się  wszystkie szwy metodą termoprzylepną.

Integrating the flysheet with the inner tent  
and detailed quality inspection

At this stage, we connect the inner tent with the flysheet and quality inspectors verify the sewing accuracy of the individual components. Then all elements are packed to complete the tent.

See photos of the Marabut manufacturing process.