Expeditions with Marabut

Torell Expedition 2012 - by Szymon Jasieński

Our trips to different parts of the world, mainly to Asia, were always quite spontaneous. Only a few days separated the birth of a concept from its implementation. But the Arctic is a quite demanding region.

Pik Pobedy 2010 “The price of Victory” - Ola Dzik

Last days of May 2010. The city of Krakow tries to survive a flood. All classes at the University are cancelled and I sit in the Institute of Sociology grading students’ achievements. At home, a backpack packed for my expedition to Nanga Parbat is waiting for me.

Denali (6 194 m) – North America

Denali: - 40ºC; hurricane winds; numb hands and frozen fingers. We are on the top of Denali.

Pik Pobedy 2002 – by Piotr Morawski

We departed Warsaw on July 12, 2002. Our expedition team included Marcin Kaczkan and Piotr Morawski (me).